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Fibromyalgia - a Chronic Condition of the Muscle and Tissues

Dr. Daniel Batlan

Based in southern Nevada, Dr. Daniel Batlan guides Specialized Pain Management and provides care to a range of patients in the Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, communities. Daniel Batlan, MD, has experience in treating conditions related to work and automobile accidents, and treats Nevada patients with conditions such as fibromyalgia.

A chronic condition affecting the muscles and tissues, fibromyalgia has characteristics such as diffuse tenderness and widespread pain. It is often associated with arthritis, but differs in that it does not involve damage or inflammation of the joints and muscles. That said, it can cause significant fatigue, headaches, numbness, and stiffness.
While the cause or causes of fibromyalgia are not yet known, one common aspect among sufferers seems to be having experienced a serious auto accident or other events that are traumatic and stressful. Other people with the disease may have associated illnesses and repetitive injuries, while some cases arise spontaneously. One area of research into the condition centers on ways in which the spinal cord and brain process pain.

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